About Me

I have taken the wholehearted leap into the fitness industry to help people build confidence in themselves to be a little bit more badass every day. I am a CrossFit athlete, CrossFit coach, Yoga Teacher & PT. I started CrossFit in 2015 because it looked a hell of a lot more fun than those treadmill runs and ten-station circuit classes I was used to. The community, the people, the skills, the endurance and, of course, the barbell got me all excited to start something new! And here I am, 8 years in, still loving every second of it.

I wasn’t an athlete growing up and I haven’t got a background in gymnastics; I was good at sport, always active, but never found the fire until I started CrossFit. I’m 33 years young: still learning, still getting fitter and stronger and still wanting to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday.

IMG_2084 Andrea Molinaro

Having been a Personal Trainer and a CrossFit coach as a side hustle for the best part of ten years, it was time to fully immerse myself into giving back to my people. I want you to follow me if you want to find that better version of yourself. AMM is not asking everyone to do muscle ups or handstand walk around the house. AMM wants you to find that stretch that is the greatest stretch in the world FOR YOU; to build that strength so you can do the one trip from the car with all your weekly shopping; so you can look after your parents when they’re a little older, or carry your kids, niggle-free (whilst carrying all the shopping!).

How many of you say, “If I could go back to my 18 year old self, I would…” or “I wish I had started ten years ago!”. Take the leap with me today. Allow me to be your stepping-stone into being fitter, healthier and, of course, a little bit more badass.

I have been a beginner; I have stepped through that terrifying door of a CrossFit gym for the first time and now I want to share with others what I have learnt on my way. I LOVE coaching, and I LOVE coaching different people. I want to create a platform where we can all come together, share our journeys, and get a little bit more flexy and strong together.

I want to be on this journey WITH YOU as much as you want to be on it.

Summer bodies… no thank you! STRONG & FLEXY, all day, every day.