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So you can look after number one, and spread kindness and love as you go.

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A Molinaro Movement

What is AMM?

Moving makes you feel better, right? However, some people just haven’t quite got the hang of knowing how to move well. That’s what we’re here for; to get you moving better, so you can look after number one, and spread kindness and love as you go.

We’re a community where people can move, connect & get a little more flexy.

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"My gymnastics has improved, but I am also getting stronger, not just physically but mentally as well.

Andrea has given me the confidence to believe in myself and enjoy the process of continuous improvement."

"Andrea will work you hard but the process is so fun and the improvements quickly follow! She brings a huge wealth of knowledge and experience to every session but also an infectious sense of belief that will have you smiling."

"Andrea has helped me in more ways than I ever expected.

I am stronger now than I was 3 years ago, both physically (the bit I paid to improve) and mentally (a wonderful side effect)"

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What’s Included?

On your mat

Weekly guided full-body yoga flows to improve your flexibility and mobility, build strength & make you feel glorious.

Weekly gymnastics and mobility flows focused on the muscle groups needed for body weight exercises in & out of the gym. Whether you want your first pull-up or want your lower back pain to disappear, we got you!

Bonus video for in the gym

Videos giving you expert tips from our qualified and experienced team, to make you that little bit more confident in an open gym space.

Who is AMM for?

Beginner or advanced, come get swole and flexy with Us.
Skipping your core accessories and need a little nudge to do them? Let’s do them together.
To-be or way-into-motherhood mummas. Sore hips? Lower back giving you grief? We’ve got your back.
We are a community where people can move, connect & get a little more flexy.
Meet the teacher

Andrea Molinaro

Hi! I'm Andrea - CrossFit athlete, CrossFit coach, Yoga Teacher & PT. I have taken the wholehearted leap into the fitness industry to help people build confidence in themselves and be a little bit more badass every day.

AMM is not asking everyone to do muscle ups or handstand walk around the house. I want you to find that stretch that is the greatest stretch in the world FOR YOU; to build that strength so you can do the one trip from the car with all your weekly shopping; so you can look after your parents when they’re a little older, or carry your kids, niggle-free (whilst carrying all the shopping!)

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✔️ Gymnastic/strength flow
✔️ Bonus videos with expert tips from our qualified team

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